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Are You The Parent
You Thought You'd Be?

Feeling like you need a vacation from your kids?
We have a fun, easy way to fix it.

Join Others in the 30-Day Challenge!

HURRY! Registration closes Friday July 21!

If You Join the 30-Day Challenge,
Your Family Will Never Be the Same Again!

You've probably tried anything and everything the “world” has advised you to do but nothing has changed. Are you tired of the tantrums? Have you had enough with the mess? We hear you! Parenting is challenging, but chaos is optional. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your background or situation is. These 30-days are unlike anything you've experienced before.

We promise you, the lessons will change not only your kids, but your entire family!

Traditional parenting help is boring and full of defensive bulls**t and frustrations. The LifeMAPP™ 30-Day Parenting Challenge is fun, easy, and guaranteed to teach you things you've been missing.

If you don't learn and see results in your family, just ask for a full refund - no questions asked.

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How Does the LifeMAPP 30-Day Parenting Challenge Work?

  • Daily UNLIMITED mentor support within the PRIVATE Facebook group for those moments when you feel frustrated, lost, or alone
  • Daily UNLIMITED access to our online mentoring groups/chat
  • 4 Weeks of lessons and challenges to quickly bring your back on track
  • 5 FREE personality and needs assessments ($149 value)
  • Great articles and examples to speed your understanding and application of lessons

Join Before It's Too Late!

HURRY! Registration closes Friday July 21!

Hear what others think of LifeMAPP™ Mentoring

LifeMAPP LLC BBB Business Review


"These wonderful people are truly angels from the sky. I recommend everyone to join the family. You will be loved and supported unconditionally."

— Raun


"There's no competition out there that could measure up to the length or miles LifeMAPP goes to help people. LifeMAPP is a blessing!"

— Stephanie


"Your service has been a huge help for me. I'm truly grateful. You guys are great and I wouldn't hesitate to use this service again."

— Joe

Stop Constant Tantrums

Are your kids being disrespectful, selfish, and always throwing tantrums? The chaos is tiring. Get on the same page and stop the tug of war.

The cornerstone of human behavior is our own survival and selfish Needs. We’ll teach you how to help your kids think of the other people and the needs around them.

Reduce Addiction to Gadgets

Kids today are constantly distracted by electronics. Some can't even go a second without their phone! Wondering how to save your kids from themselves?

In the absence of Validation, kids look to others — peers, social media and anything that offers them that Validation. We will teach you how to regain their trust and attention.

Fix the Mess

The fatigue you feel, is partly because kids create a mess and wait on you to clean it up. But, we hear you. Getting them on board is often an uphill battle.

LifeMAPP™ Mentors will help you re-establish boundaries. You will involve the kids by showing them THEY win when they become more helpful as a team.

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Unlock your happiness
 in our 30-day Facebook Parenting Challenge.

Learn why others are calling LifeMAPP mentoring "the best thing to ever happen to me". See for yourself why LifeMAPP mentors have been called "angels from the sky."
  • See results in your kids in 30 days or get a full refund! We are THAT confident in our 25 years of experience.

  • Group Support is on Facebook using the app and site you already know, use, and love! Get group notifications and new lessons instantly!

* We don’t share your personal info with anyone. Check out our Privacy Policy for more information.

"Can I Sign Up Without My Spouse?"

Absolutely! Over 80% of the families we’ve helped in 25 years have been through just one person. The reason is simple, it takes everyone to make a family fail or succeed. But it only takes one person to learn and lead!

However, if your spouse decides to join, we will give them a discounted rate.

Registration Closes Soon!
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Simple mentoring plans - Cancel anytime
No contracts, no fuss. 

30-day parenting challenge
for yourself
$ 129

$49/mo + $80 signup fee

  • • 5 FREE needs assessments ($149 value)
    • Unlimited mentor support for 30 days
  • • 24/7 access to private groups
  • • Easy-to-follow lessons & application

Sign Me Up
for your spouse
$ 89

$29/mo + $60 signup fee
Discount with a paying spouse

  • • Same benefits as yours
    • Learn family needs faster
  • • Find clarity together
  • • Drastically reduce arguments

The sign-up link for your spouse will be emailed in your sign up confirmation.

No hidden fees, cancel anytime.
*Compared to traditional (couch) parenting counseling at $150/week.*

25+ Years of Mentoring and Leadership Development

Our founder, Dave Darby, has mentored and led in the military, college, and in communities, Fortune 500 and small businesses across the country. However, his passion is strengthening Families. Our team is hand-picked, trained under his expert guidance, and his unmatched passion to give back.

95% Success in Building Strong Families Globally

We've seen almost anything you can throw at us: nuclear families, blended families, depression, alcohol, abuse and so much more. Only 1 in 10 seek help after it’s too late for us to be able to help. Don’t sabotage your family. Don't be that one parent who waits too long before seeking help.

Check the Fruits! Our Mentors Enjoy Happy Families

We don't judge others, especially families who are caught up in chaos. The fact is, every parent and family has challenges. None are perfect. If you want to learn to overcome those challenges, no matter how steep, you need to learn from those that have done it and mastered helping others too.

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Have Questions?

Take a minute to TEXT with us to see if this Challenge is right for you!
This is YOUR kids, YOUR family — don't let this Opportunity for change pass you by.

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$49/mo and $80 Signup Fee
$ 129 for 30 days
What's Your Legacy Worth?
We're Worth It, Sign Up Risk-Free!

Private access to a closed Facebook group AND on our site. Connect with a mentor anytime you feel overwhelmed and get the private support you need, right from your couch.


5 LifeMAPP personality & needs assessments ($149 value) are included for FREE in your membership and will give you insight you never knew about yourself and your kids.


New lessons every few days, and unlimited mentor support whenever you need it. You will gain quick clarity about the struggles in your family and finally be able to implement the changes needed.


Learn from years of experiences that make lessons easy to understand and easier to apply with your kids — written by our own team of Mentors, exclusive for members only.

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Don't let another sun set with anger, pain, and frustration between you and your kids.

LifeMAPP 30-Day Parenting Challenge is Effective (results in weeks, not months), Fast, Easy, Secure
and — compared to traditional (couch) counseling — much more Affordable.

One day, or day one. You decide.

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